Velingara Koto

"I mu dingmusoo ning saatewo le ti." // "You are a daughter of this village."


Salo. Or as you might know it, Eid. 

Holidays are an exciting way to experience another culture. This was no exception in Senegal, a devoutly Muslim country. While most of the year, simple clothes and food is the norm in small, rural communities, Eid is whole different ball game. Twice a year, out come the tailored outfits, bonfires for dancing, and, gasp, meat! I was in Senegal for two years, which meant I had four Eid (Salo, in Mandinka) celebrations -  two Eid al-Fitrs (the end of Ramadan), and two Eid al-Adhas (celebrating Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son to God).

M Mang Kendeya Bakke...The Lurking Germs of Senegal

I was in Senegal to work on various health-related projects. Little did I know that my own immune system would not quite hold up to the sanitation challenges it would face.

Karamolu Ning Nte - Working With Schools

The education system in Senegal is really messed up, there's no way around it. But schools were still my favorite work environment, as teachers were easily the best work partners - much better than most actual health workers even.