M Be Siigering Jee

I live there

To say that I am restless would be an understatement. We only get one life and I want to experience as many versions of it as I can. Since leaving the nest more than 11 years ago, I have not stayed in one place for longer than two years. As I am sure you can imagine, nothing has molded the person I have become or the world view I hold more than these moves. 

If there is any theme to my blog, it is this: I am extremely lucky that I have been able to move as much as I have considering the anti-foreigner policies most countries have enacted. I am very pro-immigrant rights, as one can imagine considering the fact that I constantly am one. These strict policies destroy millions of human lives every single year, and the main reason they exist is because native populations do not see immigrants as "one of them". Travel, and especially living abroad, helps to change these perspectives.